From Spotty Skinned Shoes to Chameleon Kicks

 - Mar 17, 2011
Reptile lovers are probably going to want to avoid clicking through all of these slithering snakeskin shoes. For some reason, snakeskin has become the go-to material of choice for luxury shoe designers. Thankfully, snakeskin has also become the go-to material for regular shoe designers, making snakeskin shoes available to fashionistas and commoners alike.

I'm not a huge advocate of turning animals into fashion statements, but after seeing all of these slithering snakeskin shoes, I have to admit that it would be incredibly hard to turn down a pair of snakeskin boat shoes or court kicks. These slithering snakeskin shoes have something for everyone to enjoy. Shopaholics will love the luxury snakeskin shoes featured here and animal lovers will be pleased to note that many of these shoes are made with faux-snakeskin!