From Flashy Feminized Menswear to Manly Man Skirts

 - Jan 23, 2012
Fashion designers just love to cross boundaries and one of those is in feminine menswear -- more specifically, skirts for men. While brighter colors like pink and purple are becoming readily accepted in the male style vocabulary, skirts haven't even been penciled in. Nonetheless, designers seem determined, season after season, to create skirted men's styles.

Seen on runways from New York to Milan, skirts for men range from skirt suits to more traditional kilts. Some are long, some are short and others are as voluminous as those seen on women's ball gowns. And although the kilt may be accepted in some parts of the world, they have yet to be coveted by most men, especially when they're done in vibrant prints and patterns.

For the manly man, the skirt is -- and will be for awhile, I expect -- out of the question, but designers can still dream. Check out this collection of skirts for men to see what they're dreaming up.