From Sky-High Snakeskin Sandals to Glamorous Snakeskin Gowns

 - Nov 14, 2011
Fashion constantly pushes all boundaries, be it foxy furs or feline dresses, and the most recent pattern to push through are a variety of serpent innovations.

The slithery serpents have crept onto the glossy pages and slithered around models for lavish editorials. Some snakes have shed their skin for necklaces, clutches, watches, shoes and gowns. The snakeskin prints were considered an eerie design, but now they are just as well applauded and seen on the high-fashion runways.

From slithering snake accessories to snakeskin credit cards, the list is endless when it comes to highlighting the several fashion-friendly prints that many have come across. These serpent innovations are seriously poisonous and creeping their way into the wardrobes of many.