A Jewel of Costume Captures a Seductive Slithering Dana Drori

However counterevolutionary the idea is, the obsession with danger is one reason why A Jewel of Costume is absolutely irresistible. Photographed by Nelson Simoneau within a beautiful coastal setting and featuring a breathtaking bikini model, this Italian Grazia editorial will unexpectedly sink its teeth into you with the power of a poisonous snakebite.

These spreads couldn't be farther from a collection of flirty summer swimwear, but Dana Drori is short of no sex appeal as she sprawls and slithers across the sand wearing swimsuits sewn from scaly snakeskin. The dark and detailed fabric used has been infused with a provocative metallic shine. Intense smoky eyes give the girl a satanic piercing stare that will make A Jewel of Costume stick in your mind like foisted toxins in your blood.