From Fierce Feline Editorials to Glamorous Feline Fashion

 - Aug 23, 2013
There's something about cats and their often fierce personalities that seems to automatically engage viewers, and these feline-themed spreads are some great examples of how retailers are utilizing those animalistic references to catch people's attention.

By infusing feline tendencies and animalistic behavior into a fashion spread, retailers are able to portray a more striking and visually appealing theme, one that will surely engage viewers and draw their attention. With references to both felines in the wild and those that are adorably considered pets, these feline-themed fashion spreads are able to incorporate fun, fierce and quirky touches to their campaigns and clothing lines.

From feline-embracing spreads to cat lady catalogues, these striking feline-inspired fashion spreads will certainly have cat lovers intrigued and amazed at all the fierce animalistic references.