- Sep 30, 2018
Automotive trends can often range from concept vehicles to in-car upgrades and this September 2018 automotive list is no different. Featuring supercars, camper vans, motorcycles, and extendable booster seats, this list delves deep into September's best automotive innovations.

Featured is a new liquid-cool electric car known as the Audi PB18 E-Tron cocnept. Electric vehicles often lack the range of traditional cars have, but this new concept aims to end this restriction without losing its carbon-cutting concept. Capable of 310 miles, the vehicle features a robust battery that can be charged in just 15 minutes thanks to an 800V battery.

Also included is a rugged off-road adventure bus. Known as the Torsus Praetorian, this vehicle features 4x4 drive, a 6.9-liter turbo Diesel engine, and a host of safety features. However, the key to this vehicle is its modular design and ability to take on rough terrain. Built for either professional uses or leisure trips, the van ensures passengers are comfortable and held securely.

These September 2018 automotive trends showcase how vehicles are being set up and designed for the future, with many focusing on electric concepts and shared spaces.

From Soviet-Era Electric Cars to Pet-Focused Car Accessories: