- Jul 9, 2013
Since photos are now far more conveniently taken and stored digitally, millennial moms are no longer cutting and pasting photos, but scrapbooking online. At the click of a button (or tap on a touch-screen), photos can now be cropped, edited and captioned. Compiling a scrapbook for the family can get pricey when purchasing special paper or stickers at the craft store, but several virtual tools allow millennial moms to cut down on costs and hassle.

Likebook by Printomatics is a prime example of how scrapbooking has changed over time. A Likebook is a printed version of your virtual activities on Facebook -- you and your family members' status updates or photos can be easily printed into a hard-copy book.

Many apps are also available for download at the app store are targeted towards millennial moms. With the development of multimedia and social media, scrapbooks will no longer be stationary items, but portable compilations that can easily be shared.

Gen X & Y Parents Turn to a Hi-Tech Version of Memory Archiving: