From Stylish Anime Hero Hoodies to Anime Cat-Inspired Headwear

 - Apr 16, 2014
These fantastic Sailor Moon collectables will certainly have any diehard anime fan clamoring to get their hands on each and every single one of these items.

When it comes to iconic anime shows, Sailor Moon is one of the most popular worldwide. With Sailor Moon being one of the few anime classics to cross over into North America, diverse audiences were able to indulge in this cartoon phenomenon that featured five distinct Sailor Scouts who banded together to fight evil. The combination of super powers, fantastic costumes and relatable teenage story lines are just some of the reasons why this cartoon has become such a highly regarded anime classic among fans.

These Sailor Moon collectables, which range from clothing to nail polishes, offer hardcore fans the chance to take their admiration for this anime classic to the next level.