From Regal Couture Gowns to Blackmailed British Royals

 - Mar 3, 2009   Updated: Apr 18 2011
Royalty has an irresistible allure. Perhaps it's the fairytale history of queens, kings, knights, and knaves. Or the decadent feasts, ornate gowns and team of maidens and servants attending to your every need.

Whatever the attraction, the quaint elegance of royalty has continued to inspire us in the realms of fashion, art and pop culture.

Implications - The concept of royalty is something that the prestige-obsessed consumer can surely appreciate. In a society fixated with personal gain and power, royalty is a notion that is more than fascinating, it is a representation of the ultimate goal of fame, money and unquestionable power. Thus, the use of royalty is sure to intrigue.