Vegan Performance Artist Makes a Statement

 - Jun 4, 2007
The world is going to the dogs, literally. Last year Prince Phillip shot a fox but it held onto life for five minutes before it was clubbed to death by his hunting party. Months later, seeing that justice was never served to the royal family for their antics, performance artist, vegetarian and animal activist Mark McGowan doled out his own brand of justice to the royals. Mr. McGowan performed the gruesome stunt of eating a Corgi dog on live radio in the U.K. The Corgi breed of dog is the queen's favorite and Mr. McGowan hopes his stunt got the royal family's attention. Even though the dog had died of natural causes before being cooked and eaten by Mr. McGowan, this has to be one of the sickest publicity stunts ever. How can he call himself a vegetarian now?