King Carlos Telling Chavez to Shut Up

 - Nov 19, 2007
References: metro
The clip of King Juan Carlos of Spain telling Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez to shut up is an Internet hit topping viral video charts around the globe, having millions of views in only a week. King Carlos muttered the infamous words , 'Why don't you shut up?', after hearing Hugo Chavez referring to Spain's former prime minister as a fascist.

Somewhat inevitable the very public row has become a phenomenon with the normal t-shirt & mug tat already appearing on the market. However, the hot news is that the ringtone of the comment is estimated to have already been downloaded by 1/2 million people making an estimated £1million. It is reported that many companies selling the ring tone have replaced the king's voice with an actor's to avoid any legal problems over image rights.

King Carlos is being hailed as a hero in Spain for defending the honour of his country. The row showed no sign of dying down with many national papers reporting on the success of the ring tones. The UK's Guardian newspaper reporting that