From Fringed Frocks to Heels, The Rebel Female is Here to Stay

 - May 30, 2011
Full of glamour and liberation, it’s no wonder there has and always will be revivals of the flapper girl going on. As an era that was all about women taking charge of their newfound freedom, the 1920s created styles that have undoubtedly become fashion favorites.

Dubbed the roaring 20s, people remember the time filled with parties, glamour and the birth of the flapper. The flapper girl was a female who demanded freedom as a modern woman and went against society by acting and dressing in unconventional ways. Taking a big step away from the traditional female, this meant focusing on boyish figures with loose fringed dresses and bobbed haircuts while smoking and staying out late. Revivals of the flapper girl in modern society stay true to the original style with flapper dresses and fringed heels.

With a slew of revivals of the flapper girl, it's clear that the rebellious fashion female is here to stay.