From Festive Freezer Pops to Bold Breakfast Ice Cream

 - Jun 7, 2012
Given that eggs are a staple food in many people's kitchens, it's no surprise that some remixed egg recipes are being churned out regularly.

Easily recognizable, almost universally appreciated and with little variation across types, the egg is a culinary mainstay. Filling, almost impossible to avoid and with a distinctive shape, there's no escaping the ever-present egg. Offering much room for interpretation, eggs have been made a part of breakfast, dinner and dessert. These egg recipes showcase the multitude of recipes eggs have inspired and been cooked into, all with equally delicious outcomes.

Some egg adaptations may be more healthful or practical than others, but all are equally fun and tempting. Proving that eggs have a place well beyond Easter, these finds show the diversity in breakfast foods.