'Down the Bunny Hole' Treats are Cute and Adorable for Easter

'Down the Bunny Hole' pop-up treats are an adorable and yummy way to brighten up Easter, which is just around the corner. Featuring a bunny with its rear end up in the air while digging in a hole adds a touch of humor to the holidays.

Beth Jackson Klosterboer from Hungry Happenings features this pop-up treat that's made with chocolate crumbs to resemble dirt and green coconut as grass. Colored Easter eggs is an annual ritual but take a step from the old tradition; spice it up with these cute Down the Bunny Hole treats which are sure to reel in some fun.

The ingredients are simple and it's a delight to make; check out Hungry Happenings' blog for step-by-step instructions. This is a great way to get kids to have fun during the holidays. Happy Easter!