From Rocker Victorian Booties to Sharp-Edged Shoes

 - Oct 8, 2012
These raucously radical booties take fashionable footwear to a whole new level. The bootie boot allows for the perfect boot solution for any season and works for awkward in-between weather.

A hybrid between the high heel and a classic boot, these booties feature the best of both worlds. The accelerated fashion-forward looks of these booties fall perfectly into the current autumn fashions. Paired with jeans these hot shoes can go from day to night with minimal effort. The possibilities presented by the bootie style allows for a multitude of fashionable looks and leaves a lot of room to put together a unique style of your own.

The ankle booties also have the effect of elongating the leg, which can create an altogether more flattering shape as we enter the long winter months of bundled clothes.