From Fossil Shavers to Nanotechnology-Enhanced Razorblades

 - May 2, 2010   Updated: Jun 27 2011
These rad razors redefine the ritual of shaving. Manscaping and ladyscaping is a huge industry, and the wide variety of razorblades and shavers available attests to the industry's growth.

From razors made with actual fossils to six-bladed circular shavers that promise to leave no loose hairs, these rad razors definitely have to be seen to be believed. Can your go-to disposable stand up to these rad razors?

Implications - Manscaping is one industry that is continuing to rise in popularity as masculinity is beginning to be redefined by society. Immaculately groomed men are more common now as society appreciates the male desire to be well dressed and put together. Businesses should be considerate of this redefinition of masculinity when developing product designs.