Make A Plethora of Divine Designs with These Sweet Shapers

 - Dec 17, 2012
This collection of quirky cookie cutters are perfect for any baker that is looking to spice up their dessert designs. There are a number of interesting designs here, but what you'll notice is that there aren't any holiday ones. This is because the standard Christmas cookie shapes are great, but switching things up with different ones like Puzzle Piece Cutters or these Band of Outsider Cutters will help to give desserts a much needed update. Baking is meant to be a fun activity, so you'll find that creating glasses or bow tie-shaped cookies will be well received all around.

These quirky cookie cutters also make perfect gifts as the recipient can create whatever kind of baked goods they like to completely switch up the standard sugar cookie styles. Who wouldn't adore a vegan cookie shaped like a shoe or a gingerbread man that looks like Super Mario?