Jigsaw Puzzle Cookie Cutters Make Creative and Interactive Treats

 - Apr 10, 2011
References: coxandcox
With cookie cutter designs like these, hungry kids and grown-up kids alike will completely forget to eat the tasty treats and will instead create edible visual masterpieces.

Puzzled? You will be with these clever jigsaw cookie cutters distributed by Cox & Cox. These cookie cutters take baking and making to a whole new level. Cookie constructionists have the ability to cut as many jigsaw pieces as they want, and then bake and connect them into a puzzle of any dimension. The puzzle possibilities are endless, as the entire puzzle can be decorated with any image or pattern.

The best part is that Cox & Cox seems to have neglected to design edge and corner-piece cutters in its jigsaw cookie cutter set. Finding the edge pieces is always the hardest, and why waste time when there are cookies to munch? Get jiggy with these jigsaw cutters, and puzzle the kids on the block with your cookie creations.