From Neon Pink Boots to Bubble Gum Heels

 - Dec 27, 2012
There's nothing that draws attention like a pair of pretty pink shoes.

Strap on a pair of bright pink sneakers and stroll out the door, then count down to the moment when the stares start rolling in. It's just the nature of the color, as there's nothing understated about it and that's the point. No one wears pink to fit in: they wear pink to stand out, and here we find a long list of pretty pink shoes to help you do just that (assuming that's what you're aiming for).

Try out the the adorable pink slippers for a homely look or the bubble gum bow tie pumps for a more formal pink footwear option. There's also a plethora of pink sneakers you can strap on, from basketball performance sneakers to casual street runners.