From Realistic Racing Toys to Rare Ritzy Roadsters

 - Aug 28, 2012
The Porsche 911 series is one of the German automaker's most successful lineups, characterized by its two-door construction designed for long-distance cruises. The curvaceous silhouette and rear-engined profile give this speedy roadster a look that is immediately recognized on the highway.

Introduced in 1963, the Porsche 911 has received countless makeovers, all improving the look and drive of the pint-sized coupe. The lineup is a popular series for engine heads and auto enthusiasts who modify the roadster for racing and competitive driving. Although its competitors offer seductive alternatives like the Audi R8 or the Nissan GT-R, there is just something oh-so stunning about the Porsche 911 Carrera or Turbo.

Capable of tearing up roadways while looking undeniably cool, the Porsche 911 series continues to offer innovative and drop-dead good looking designs.