From Sci-Fi Movies to Presidential Candidates

 - Nov 25, 2011
Pop culture icon parodies have been made famous by shows like The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live, spoofing everything from politicians and celebrities to planking and high fashion.

Whether poking fun at one of George W. Bush's (many) follies, mocking Kanye West in cartoon form (a la South Park and The Cleveland Show), or creating images like the recent Benneton 'UNHATE' campaign, pop culture icon parodies make for a good laugh at the expense of whatever is trending and whoever is popular. Even iconic pop culture film franchises like Star Wars and Harry Potter get a generous amount of mockery, and I won't get started on the endless Twilight jokes heard over the past few years.

From the famous and recognizable to the obscure and inconspicuous, anything that creeps into the limelight is sure to be parodied by your favorite show, artist or comedian.