Norweigian Street Artist Dolk Provides a Lampoon of Contemporary Society

 - May 21, 2011
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Norwegian street artist Dolk is a stencil artist with a talent for creating absurd images and social commentary parodies of some of Europe's most important public figures.

Dolk's work has been watched closely because of apparent similarities to Banksy's. The similarities are so strong that some have gone as far as to say that Dolk is actually a pseudonym for Banksy, featuring some of his more fun, "less-challenging" work, although that rumor has been vociferously refuted by ardent fans and critics.

I like Dolk's work for his versatility. One (clearly mocking) mural shows Prince Charles with a Burger King crown on his head, reflecting the feelings of many Europeans who have little respect for the Prince. Another shows an artist who has overdosed on paint through his veins, a piece that highlights the addiction many artists (and street artists in particular) feel in relation to their passionate underground culture.