The Baker ‘Mr. TK Cereal’ Skateboard Pities Fools Who Don't Skate

 - Jul 19, 2011
References: bakerboysdist & f5torefresh
OK, so it’s not Mr. T, but you still have to admit that the Baker ‘Mr. TK Cereal’ Skateboard is a pretty hilarious deck that you wouldn’t mind owning.

Instead of using Mr. T as the face for Baker, the company decided to go with pro skateboarder Teddy Kennedy. The Baker ‘Mr. TK Cereal’ Skateboard parodies the '80s star by dressing him up in cartoon form complete with chains and mohawk. Best of all, the design incorporates Mr. T’s most famous line into the slogan with the words "I pity the fool that don’t ride Baker!" Definitely not the type of product I’d expect Baker to come out with, but I’m very glad that they did.