From Phallic Firearms to Sausage Makers

 - Feb 21, 2011   Updated: Jul 25 2011
Things that accidentally look like penises are good, but things that are purposefully designed to look like penises like these phallic-inspired creations are better.

A product or piece of art that accidentally looks like a penis is one of life's little joys. These phallic-inspired creations are no accident though. If you've never seen a phallic-inspired Silly Bandz or phone case then you've definitely got to click through this top list today.

Implications - While many consumers are hesitant to invest their time and money into products that embrace outlandish or forbidden qualities, there is a large clientele who find such traits highly amusing and appealing. Businesses that devote their efforts to offering such clients a wide range of pleasure-inducing products will see large returns.