- Jul 12, 2013
While some people enjoy the look of clean-cut shoes, others might be more interested in acquiring something with more pizzazz and personality, which is why these paint-splattered shoes are the perfect option for those looking for some artistic designs for their footwear.

When it comes to painting a portrait or simply the walls of your home, most people tend to cover up their floors or belongings for fears of getting splashes of paint everywhere. Paint splashes however, can actually create a visually appealing design, incorporating a variety of colors and shapes to create an overall original piece. That's why these paint-splattered shoes are so unique, each design and speckle of paint will be different, making each pair amazingly original.

From splattered tennis kicks to technicolor loafers, these paint-splattered shoes will definitely win over anyone who enjoys artistic designs.

From Accidentally Artistic Kicks to Rainbow-Splattered Kicks: