- Mar 30, 2009
Padma Lakshmi of "Top Chef" fame is making waves across the Internet with her steamy commercial for Hardee’s Western Bacon Thickburger.

Padma Lakshmi's racy commercial is the latest in what has become a guaranteed marketing gimmick to generate buzz for the brand.

The formula is simple, hire a hot model and make a commercial that is as sexual and racy as the TV broadcast regulations permit.

And in some cases, going over the red lines and getting your commercial banned might not be a bad idea either, as it catapulates it into instant viral status. This was the case with both the Calvin Klein Secret Obsession fragrance spot with Eva Mendes and the new Calvin Klein Jeans commercial.

See all these commercials and more in the cluster below.

From Padma Lakshmi with Hardee's to Banned Calvin Klein: