- Jan 30, 2012
These outrageous Oreo creations are sure to get you feeling sentimental, nostalgic and hungry. The Oreo is one of the most iconic cookies of all time. Most people have fond childhood memories associated with these cute black and white cookies, so it not surprising that many artists, bakers and the like have chosen the Oreo as their muse.

These crafty creators have taken milk's favorite cookie and converted it into everything from a teasing set of soaps to an uncanny recreation of Princess Leia. The addition of Oreo crumbs can transform any dull recipe into a culinary home run and when used in a pie crust magical things happen. Oreo has stretched its legs by introducing bold new creations such as Neapolitan and the incredibly naughty double-stuffed version.

Clever, kooky and creative, these outrageous Oreo creations are sure to get your tummy rumbling.

From Cosmic Princess Cupcakes to Sweet Sewer-Toppers: