From Retro Canvas Cases to Literary Power Sources

 - Jun 2, 2012
Smartphones have changed the way people understand communication, and with their popularity there has been a mass improvement upon their technology. Though this often lends itself to a great deal of futuristic creations, these old school phone finds lend a friendly reminder to why simple is sometimes better.

Undeniably charming, these throwback phone creations are as covetable as cutting-edge products. Often taking the best parts of old technology, these have a stronger cultural connection to the consumer than newer models given that there is a story behind them. Gaming-inspired designs tend to be particularly popular within this development, creating looks that are often highly recognizable and ever popular.

These new school meets old school mash-ups are a fun and nostalgic way to approach increasingly modern technology. Some things never go away, and these prove that there is often a good reason why.