The Wooden Golf Club iPhone Dock is a Sporting Throwback from the 1930s

 - May 28, 2012
References: etsy & designbuzz
After you see this Vintage Wooden Golf Club iPhone Dock, you'll no longer stay up late at night wondering how Tiger Woods charges his phone. This sporting dock is made from a genuine Butchart 4 wooden golf club from the 1930s.

Golf clubs weren't always made out of aluminum. The Golf Club iPhone Dock is handcrafted by Etsy merchant Rock Apple Wood, and comes complete with a 6-foot USB cord. The only knock against this dock is its size; it isn't nearly as long as a real golf club, but that's probably better. If you count yourself as a true fan of the game of the golf, then it's time to consider ditching your old iPhone charger in favor of one a little more sporty.