- Oct 13, 2014
These October 2014 photography ideas range from camera-embedded active wear collections to selfie travel packages that ensure one doesn't miss a photo-worthy moment when abroad.

From smartphone camera hybrids to limitless photo apps, the art of photography is becoming more user-friendly and accessible for those who may not be a seasoned professional.

Appealing to fans of Instagram, sophisticated mobile apps are changing the way one controls their captures and allowing one to play with light and filtering techniques in a fresh way.

In addition to these clever apps, camera companies are stripping down complex products and focusing on gadgets that are more compact, light-weight and user friendly. Though a return to the retro is not present quite yet, these October 2014 photography ideas include basic digital cameras and compact automatic devices that are all about speed and efficiency rather than added frills.

From Camera-Embedded Active Wear to Selfie Travel Apps: