The H5X Hasselblad Camera is Fully Loaded with Features

 - Sep 10, 2014
References: hasselblad & gizmag
The H5X is a Hasselblad camera that features a medium-format system, and is set to be introduced at Photokina 2014. This camera will allow photographers to utilize H System lenses and H5 capabilities, whether they use film, third party digital cameras or older Hasselblad varieties.

This camera is compatible with a wide variety of Hasselblad HC and HCD lenses, allowing it to cover a wide range of focal lengths. It also features automatic focusing, as well as a True Focus system which helps compensate for focus shifting while recomposing shots.

The camera has a number of viewfinder options including the eye-level HVD 90X and HV 90X-II, designed for film shooters. There is also an optional HVM waist-level viewfinder suitable for people who like to shoot from the hip.

The H5X Hasselblad camera will cost $5,950 without a viewfinder and $7,490 with viewfinder included.