Today's Top Trends Feature Products Suitable for the New Royal Baby

 - Jul 16, 2013
While the new royal baby has yet to be born, many of today's top trends would certainly make fabulous gifts for the new member of the Royal Family. The media and general public are all convinced that the new royal baby will be a girl. Should this be true, she's going to need to be stocked up with plenty of luxurious items.

While many of today's top fashion trends -- such as Retro Gown-Inspired Swimsuits and Exotic Foliage Editorials -- would be fitting gifts for a female member of the Royal Family, other, slightly more unconventional items stand out.

The deceiving cookie sculptures by Alexander Barrett would make an extremely original and creative gift to commemorate the birth of a new member of the Royal Family. It isn't every day people are able to buy an intricate piece of art made from Oreo cookies.

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