- Jan 26, 2013
Not all NBA commercials are equal. Some commercials are for the league itself, while others use NBA players to push a specific product. Sneaker and sportswear companies have long looked to NBA stars as credible spokesmen for their products. With their worldwide notoriety and larger than life physical attributes, they make for front men that are hard to miss.

Many of today’s NBA stars show up in these NBA commercials. Dwight Howard stars in a ghost hunting commercial for Foot Locker. More a spoof than a performance commercial, Foot Locker plays on Howard’s big sense of humor as he pretends to search for ghosts in his spare time.

Carmelo Anthony also makes an appearance for Foot Locker as he schools little kids on the court. One set of kids thinks their friend has turned into Carmelo because of the new clothes he got from Foot Locker.

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