- Feb 7, 2010   Updated: May 25 2011
If you're a NASCAR fan, you've no doubt kept track of Danica Patrick as she made the transition to NASCAR. Have you seen all of these sweet NASCAR features, though? From innovative advertising to badass racecar furniture, Trend Hunter has had a front-row seat in all that NASCAR has offered pop culture, design and advertising.

See these and more NASCAR features above.

Implications - When it comes to sports, businesses often profit from the teams and the merchandise that comes off of it. The number of jerseys, balls, accessories or any other novelty item is always a hit especially when either the team is popular or has a famous figure on their side. Although games and races occur fairly often, it's not as accessible to the merchandise that's in stores everyday. As long as there are loyal fans, the sporting industry can capitalize with the goods they sell.

From the Allure of Danica Patrick to Times Square Pit Stops: