From Dresses to Commercials, Sesame Street Characters Are Classics

 - Jun 19, 2011
If you need a reminder of your childhood, these Muppets mash-ups will do just that but with an added twist. Your favorites from Sesame Street are still relevant today and are featured in a range of products and advertisements.

With such adorable and friendly characters, it's no wonder there are a bevy of Muppets mash-ups. Providing inspiration for everything from dresses to Old Spice commercials, Muppets are definitely entertaining wherever they lend a helping hand. Maybe it's the ability for kids and adults alike to relate to the Muppets or just a reminder of simpler times, but one thing's for sure: these characters will never go out of style.

Take a look at the Muppets mash-ups above; you will definitely agree that they're a timeless classic.