From Tailored Moroccan Ensembles to Psychedelic Exotic Fashion

 - Aug 31, 2012
Boldly sophisticated, these Moroccan-inspired fashions show how the blending of cultures in the North African country has resulted in exquisite style. More than just kaftans, contemporary Moroccan apparel has evolved into an era of exotic and eclectic patterns found on pajama-chic suits and darkly dapper catwalks.

The desert climate has made it the epitome of loose luxury pieces in fabulously bright silks to show off a sun bronzed skin. It is no wonder legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent continually visited his Marrakech villa to find inspiration for his latest safari-chic collection. The Marni for H&M campaign directed by Sofia Coppola even used a Moroccan backdrop to form a fashion love story.

Similarly, contemporary collections by designers such as Camilla and Saveus On Haitus attempt to capture the country's "je ne sais quoi."