From Color-Changing Nail Polish to Heat-Sensitive Mobiles

 - Nov 25, 2011
These mood ring-inspired innovations go well beyond the piece of costume jewelry you sported throughout middle school. These heat-sensitive, vibrant creations now adorn your iPhone, your lips and your nails. No one will be in the dark about your true emotions when you sport any one of these products. Take a seat on a mood-sensing chair and your host will be able to tell whether or not you're truly relaxed, or dress yourself from head to toe in emotion-sensitive apparel and leave no one guessing.

From watches to nail polish, this popular piece of adolescent jewelry has proven its adaptability and unwavering popularity. Many of these innovations exist out of a longing to make mood rings more acceptable in grown up circles, further illustrating that humans never really grow up.

Vibrant and vivacious, these mood ring-inspired innovations are attune with your ever-changing emotions.