From Booze Branding to Kitchen Designs, the Whale Tale Inspires All

 - Feb 27, 2012
The novel ‘Moby Dick’ is often explained as a metaphorical tome that uses whaling to explore various philosophical themes. Not surprisingly, people from all distinct disciplines have drawn unique inspirations from the Herman Melville novel to produce some of the most bizarre products in existence. As much as ‘Moby Dick’ was a trailblazer in the world of literature, these one-of-a-kind Moby Dick innovations are inventive to their respective categories.

For instance, I never would have thought kitchen designs could be inspired by books, let alone ‘Moby Dick’ of all novels. The Moby Dick Kitchen features an alabaster countertop which curves elegantly at the sink, looking very much like a giant sperm whale from a distance. Then there are Moby Dick-themed fashion bags and alcoholic beverages. I guess some people are as eccentric as Captain Ahab.