From Shopaholic Smartphone Apps to Tablet Shopping Apps

 - Jul 29, 2013
Mobile e-commerce is an extremely valuable way for people to shop, since it's like having access to entire shopping complexes at any hour. Smartphones are equipped to make our lives infinitely easier and shopping from a tablet or smartphone increases convenience for customers immensely. Korea's E-Mart is conscious of this and integrated virtual storefronts in the subways, which allowed consumers to purchase groceries on their way home.

Browsing from a mobile device can feel quite impersonal at times, and consumers gravitate towards personalized shopping experiences like signing up for sale alerts on specific products. Simple apps like the 'autoTRADER autoLYZER' operate on a similar premise. This app compiles data from a user's Facebook profile to suggest a car that will suit their lifestyle best. Mobile apps like these take the guesswork out of the purchasing process and make shopping easier than ever.