The TargetBuy App is Designed for Easy Interaction with Few and Familiar Icons

 - Feb 20, 2015
Now that about half of all online experiences occur on mobile devices, the field of retail UX design is under pressure the make responsive purchasing websites and purpose-built smartphone apps. With a large inventory and libraries of product information, the process of condensing and simplifying data can be daunting; however, Martin Schurdak has managed to come up with a coherent user interface that can be understood by just about anyone.

The successful user experience strategy behind the TargetBuy online store relies on a system of recognizable icons. These are spaced out and large enough to be easily tapped and selected. Different categories of goods are organized by logical symbols, all arranged in a similar fashion to the mobile apps on your handset's home screen. Views of the actual products in this intuitive retail UX interface provide minimal details for optimal clarity, always offering the customer the option of learning more with just a poke.