From Playful Pantomime Fashion to Dollface Nautical Designs

 - Jan 23, 2012
There's a sense of mystery about pantomime performers, which can evoke both playful and happy feelings, or something much darker and frightening, all of which is explored in these magical (and sometimes menacing) mime shoots.

From haute couture fashion editorials to darker themed photosets, all of these mime shoots have the power to enchant, entertain and scare. Whether it's Brandon Wilson impersonating the iconic mime Charlie Chaplin, or Querelle Jansen sporting a face of white makeup for Vogue Italia, I'm a huge mime-meets-fashion shoots enthusiast, as the makeup turns the model into almost an anonymous figure, taking the star quality out of the picture.

Whether you dream of walking the streets of Paris in full mime garb, or you run screaming at the site of clown makeup, these magical mime shoots are worth a glance!