10 Tributes To Michael Jackson

 - Oct 12, 2008
It's hard to think of Halloween without thinking of Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Indeed, the King of Pop has disappeared somewhat into obscurity in recent years. These 10 trends will resurrect him, however, at least temporarily.

Many of Michael Jackson's fans, especially the computer-savvy ones, wonder what the icon would look like without plastic surgery. Thanks to Photoshop, we have a gallery of photos that will show you just that.

Other fans prefer to honor Michael Jackson through tribute remixes of some of his most popular songs. I enjoy this "Thriller" compilation most.

And then there are the other ways to honor Michael Jackson, the bizarre, twisted and downright weird tributes. Like a 50-foot-tall image of The Gloved One that shoots lasers. Or an action figure that depicts the infamous balcony baby-dangling incident.