From This Year's MET Gala Fashion to Haute Head Wrap Editorials

 - May 7, 2013
This year's MET Gala fashion took on the theme of glamorous punk. The Internet has since exploded with recaps, reviews and an abundance of photos of each and every attending star's outfit. Not surprisingly, some of the more innovative looks from the likes of Miley Cyrus and Nicole Richie made it into today's top trends.

The punk theme of the special night was interpreted a number of different ways by different celebrities, a fact that contributed to the wide-ranging looks seen at the event. Standouts include Nicole Richie and Anne Hathaway, who both went so far as dye their hair to ensure a dramatic and memorable look; Anne went bright blonde, while Nicole dyed her hair to look like white powder.

From studs to glamorously dark makeup, both men and women in attendance last night dressed to impress and ensured even more unforgettable MET gala fashion. If you're interested in learning more about niche fashion patterns, check out Trend Hunter's 2013 Trend Reports.