The Interview May 2013 Shoot Features Starlet Winona Ryder

Actors are often very shy and protective about releasing any photographs of themselves, but once in a while we get the pleasure of witnessing certain celebrity editorials, and the Interview May 2013 shoot offers audiences an intimate look at scarlet Winona Ryder.

Ryder is infamously known for her big screen movie hits during the 80s as well as her troubles with the law during the height of her career, but years after she continues to stay relevant and influential within the acting community. This Interview May 2013 editorial features Ryder in a rather intimate bedroom setting, wearing dark and edgy clothing styles. The use of black ensembles, bright red lipstick and sultry poses serves to showcase Ryder in a revealing way that audiences may not be used to.

This editorial is a fantastic way for Ryder to reconnect with her audience, and showcase a more intimate side to her.