From Incubator Substitutes to Market-Based Clinics

 - May 19, 2013
From market-based women's clinics to health technology products, this top list of maternity-impacting social businesses include lower-income hospitals for women and children and also products such as incubator substitutes, that is, information blankets and infant warmers.

Some of these businesses aren't exactly focused on women's health itself but rather impact maternity on other levels. Oliberte, which is a shoe company based in Canada that manufactures shoes in Kenya, Liberia and Ethiopia, supports its workers by offering maternity leave, for example. One of the most innovative in this list is most likely Maternova, a global marketplace and e-commerce platform that supports ideas and technologies that are specifically for maternal health. interviewed Maternova's CEO, Meg Wirth, in January 2012 and she discussed the business model as well as inspirations.