From Superhero Health Posters to Heroic Hipster Cartoons

 - Jun 2, 2011
My excitement for the new movie X-Men: First Class is at an all-time high after compiling all of these marvelous X-Men innovations. All of these features truly are marvelous (get it) as they all pay homage to what may just be the most badass team of superheroes ever created.

If you can only think of the comic, cartoon and movies when someone says the word "X-Men," then you have really got to check out all of these marvelous X-Men innovations. Marvel's mutants have been inspiring artists, DIY-ers and fashion designers for some time now, leading to some cool and occasionally crazy crossover creations. While I am all for wearing a shirt from the Stussy and Marvel collection, I am not too sure as to how safe it would be to build my own Wolverine claws or pyro fire gloves at home.

Implications - The last few years have seen comic book and superhero movie franchises become a large part of the major Hollywood studio movie slate. Each summer, studios seek to launch huge tentpoles that contain a built-in fanbase and multiple revenue streams (toys, video games, clothes). These established brands play well in a struggling economy, full of consumers seeking fantastic escapist entertainment.