- Sep 24, 2014
With India successfully sending a remarkably low-cost satellite to Mars -- it cost less than the budget of the Hollywood space blockbuster 'Gravity' -- it's plain to see that Mars-inspired innovations are spurring people and organizations around the world to do great things.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of Mars-inspired innovations revolve around technology built to infiltrate and explore the red planet. The unique challenges of building machines able to withstand the Martian atmosphere have spurred a great deal of creativity among scientists and engineers, leading to inventions and innovations with potential for use on Earth itself, let alone Mars.

Mars has always been the subject of humans' curiosity ever since we became aware of its existence, and despite the increasing amount of knowledge available to humans, our fascination for the red planet hasn't diminished. In fact, the ability of the Internet and multimedia in general to spread knowledge has led to an increase in infographics, films and other initiatives that spread knowledge about the red planet.

From Buildable Space Rovers to Martian Colony Architecture: