The ‘7 Minutes of Terror’ Clip Reveals NASA’s Plan

 - Jul 9, 2012
References: youtube & fastcocreate
The '7 Minutes of Terror' video clearly details NASAs game-plan to land on a rover on Mars, which is a far cry from the secrecy-filled days of the Cold War.

Considering the United States have been the only country able to land a rover successfully on Mars, the fact that they explain the steps to do so, no matter how watered-down and simple they are portrayed in the video, is odd. Featuring a never-before-tested landing technique, the Curiosity rover is shown entering, descending and landing onto Mars. What is stressed is the fact that NASA will be seven minutes in the dark regarding the result of the landing. Since it takes the rover seven minutes to land but 14 minutes for data to be sent back to Earth, the rover could be dead or alive as the NASA team waits for the information.

The video serves as a superb resource for all sci-fi geeks, inspiration for any up-and-coming engineers, and just a really cool clip to watch as an Earth-grounded citizen.