From Plush Penthouse Playgrounds to Sharp Skyline Suits

 - Jul 25, 2013
While mansions are perfectly suited for owners who enjoy living out in the suburbs and open areas, these luxurious penthouse designs are more for those who enjoy living the high life right in the core of a busy city centre.

When it comes to living in a downtown condo, the penthouse suit is often the most expensive and luxurious option you can acquire. The combination of privacy, top floor location and extravagant interior features often makes the penthouse suite something only millionaires and businessmen can afford. These luxurious designs are showcasing some of the most lavish accommodations around, featuring breathtaking views, modern furnishings and even playgrounds for adults.

From Disney penthouse suits to glass oceanfront condos, these luxurious penthouse designs will definitely have any potential homeowner craving to have a look inside.