From Feminine Rapper Rags to Feline Footwear Hybrids

 - Nov 14, 2011
There once was a time when luscious leopard prints were reserved strictly for your grandmother's wardrobe, and was a style seen predominately in casinos all over the globe. However, a revolution in leopard prints has catapulted it to the hottest thing in fashion since Giselle Bundchen.

Everything in the fashion world has received a makeover in leopard prints. Purses, one-pieces and pumps have all received the leopard print treatment. But it doesn't stop there. The ferocious feline prints are now found on smartphone skins, tasers and leggings that your favorite rapper wears (ahem, Lil' Wayne). Now, I personally don't own one thing in leopard print, however, if a '60s-era Shelby Cobra was done up with that kind of paint job, I would put serious consideration into buying it.

With no end in sight for the leopard print phenomenon, only time will tell if this look will last or be truly timeless. Who knows, maybe grandma was always a step ahead in the fashion game.